California State President's Pin 2019-2020
Program Pins may be purchased for $12.00 for one and $20.00
for two or more.   Money from the sale of the Program pins
will support the Project and the CA Travel Fund.
California Endowment Pin
Anyone contributing $50 or more to the California Endowment
Fund, or in whose honor $50 is given, will receive a California
Endowment Fund Pin.  This pin denotes the singular honor of
one who has helped to insure the perpetuation of ideals of the
C.S.S.C.A.R.  The pins are available in either Gold or Silver.
Travel Fund Pin
The travel fund was established to help the members travel to
State and National functions.  The pin may be purchased for a
donation of $10.00
Bear Flag Archival Preservation
For a $25 donation, an individual will receive a Bear Flag
Pin.The monies raised by this fund will be used to preserve the
California State, C.A.R. Archives.
California Golden Patriot
For a one-time $100.00 donation, a supporter becomes a
California Golden Patriot.  All funds remain in California and are
used towards the publication of the "Bear Facts", which the
donor receives for life.
California C.A.R. Support Opportunities
Support our state society through the purchase of pins and patriot contributions!  Anyone
may choose to honor a member, senior, DAR, SAR, or S.R. through the purchase of one of
Senior State Treasurer.  Your pin or certificate will be mailed to you unless you opt to have
it presented by the State President at the C.A.R. State Conference.